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7 Mobile Apps For the Fashion Designer – apparelpixel.com

7 Mobile Apps For the Fashion Designer

They say Lucky number 7 all the time so I’ll embellish upon that with 7 Mobile applications that I think every designer should be aware of if not t using.

1. InkPad – Free (iPad)

InkPad was designed from the ground up as an vector app for mobile devices. Being a vector app the tools are pretty recognizable especially if you have used Adobe Illustrator.I was able to create something on this app right away without using any guides. You can take a picture to use as a silhouette and create flat sketches on the go. The reason inkpad is number 1 is because it is Free! How great is that?


Export Options: EMAIL or DROPBOX


2.PS Touch – $9.99 (iPad & iPhone)

PS Photoshop Touch is about as close as you can get to Photoshop on the go. I ignored this app for some time because I thought it was just for quick Photo retouching after you have taken pictures with your mobile device. To my surprise I recently realized all of the selection tools, including the Brush Selection tool which recognizes the boundary where the pixels in an image change color. I quicky threw a few images together for this past years Adobe Maxx event! You can also work in Layers and save your file up to the Adobe Creative Cloud or email the file to yourself using one of the following export options.


Export Options: EMAIL or Creative Cloud

3. iDraw – $8.99 (iPad)

iDraw basically works off of the same principles as Adobe Illustrator. This is great because I can install and basically be up and running right away. All of the features are include to allow you to create a pretty detailed flat sketch. The great part is that you can email the sketch to yourself as an .svg file and open it in Adobe Illustrator and all of the details are intact.


Export Options: EMAIL or DROPBOX

4. TexWev – $49.99

TexWev is about the cheapest woven tool you can get that will give you technically accurate woven. I would actually say it’s close to amazing. You can simply define your construction, choose from the Pantone textile library to define color placement, select or construct you weave and generate your swatch. You can even create you Design card from the app with all of the information the mill needs to create you fabric. There are still some enhancements to make as the Design Card seems to be set to a low resolution file. There is also no option to output as a layered PSD File. Either way it was alot more then what I expected for a  mobile weave application.


Export Options: EMAIL or Creative Cloud
5. Adobe Kuler – Free (iPhone & Android)There has been much talk about the new Adobe Kuler mobile app. The ability to create a color palette from virtually anything. This is a great creative tool. I though initially I though on a corporate level that this wouldn’t be that great because there’s so much that goes into defining a color palette for the season but then I had to question the fact that the inspiration to for the color palette could begin anywhere and the fact that you could save this palette to you adobe kuler account account and have it feed down into your Adobe Illustrator palette is great! Make sure to sign up to Adobe Kuler:https://kuler.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/6. Note Anytime – Free (Apple IOS, Windows, Android)There are many apps that allow you the ability for notation but there is something about note Anytime that just works for fit sessions and other immediate notes. I can quickly take a picture of a fit session and easily make edits on the image with noted to specify areas where I want corrections to be called out. The tools are sample and easy to follow. Upon completion there are a ton of export 
iPhone App
6. Tile Deck Free lite – Free (Ipad)I cannot take credit for this one. If my memory serves me right a colleague of mine (Ludmila) brought this up in one of our Monthly meeting for the Adobe for Fashion user group LA. I have been playing around with this app and it’s a great creative tool for making quick repeats. Very easy to master and the best part is that the files can be exported and vector PDF files. Please make note that you can only make wallpaper backgrounds until you pay for the full version which allows for the vector export. I also dislike any app that displays adds over the artwork! Also I couldn’t actually get to the full version so I don’t know if that was an IOS flaw or a TileDeck developer flaw!
Either way the free version is a great conceptual pattern creation tool.Export: 
 tile deck
7. Note Anytime- Free (Ipad) There are bunch of apps that you can do annotation in. The reason why I have chosen Note Anytime is due to it’s simplicity and ease of use to it’s various ouput options. Which allows me the liberty of using it for may parts of the product development process however, I am particularly fond of it’s use for fit sessions. I can take the picture of the fit sessions and mark directly of the image then send it to my vendor. This is all I want to do!
note anytime
Export Options:
Email – 1 or multi page PDF
Evernote App – PDF
Drop Box – PDF
Social – Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr
Photo Album