Adobe Illustrator Techpack Layers vs. Pages?

The question of layers vs. pages?

This is the question that may change the minds of how some you may work when creating Illustrator techpack components (sketches, tech detail, etc…). With the functionality of creating multiple pages do we still need to create an Illustrator document with multiple layers? Let’s make it a little easier for you by first answering why do we create a fashion sketch with multiple layers in the first place?

Call-outs & Details?

To separate drawing components such as sleeves, neck, ect…?

For identification of individual pieces?

When I first stated using Adobe Illustrator¬† in 1997 I had V6! Not CS6! ( Worlds apart from each other) and the process back then for creating multiple pages was you had to do the math of what 6 –¬† 8.5″ x 11″ pages would equate to. That would be something like this:

8.5×2= 51 inches in width

11X1= 11 inches in height

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.02.35 AM

This would give me one long page. Then I would have to go into my print options an define my tile pages options and layout to make all of my pages print out correctly. Lastly if this option isn’t already set, I would have to go to my view menu and select to show tile pages. This last step would give me the desired layout.


There were all types of ways of playing with your numbers to get 2-up and 4-up layouts. I did like the multiple page thing but I was the minority and the process seemed to complicated for some so I went with the masses and just created a multilayer document. One of the issues I had with multilayered documents had to do with some PLM image processing issues. When uploading my images to some PLM solutions my hidden layers would become visible or made my file somewhat complicated.

However now, a Multi-page document is easier than ever to manage in Adobe Illustrator and the one thing I love most is the ability to have not only multiple pages, but my pages can be different sizes. For example check out this image of an Illustrator techpack with the actual size graphics attached as separate pages.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 7.00.00 AM

So now the big question? What is PLM vendors allowed for the ability to select which pages you wanted to upload to the PLM solution? Would this be of interest?

Food for thought!

August 27, 2013